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Yellowstone Hall - Montana State University

bozeman, montana


Gold Certified

LEED Gold.jfif

SMA Architects is extremely proud to have teamed with Montana State University, Langlas and Associates and partner firm NAC Architecture on the recently completed Yellowstone Hall.  The incredible team partnership and collaboration drove the success of the project, which was designed and built with an extremely tight time frame.  The residence hall, which opened to students for the fall semester of 2016, was designed to house 400 students in ten 40-resident “communities” on the west side of campus near Roskie Hall and the Hedges Complex.


Primarily designated for freshmen students, the building was designed to promote community and interaction for students new to MSU’s Bozeman campus.  The 115,000 square foot facility provides students with a number of different public and private living areas including active and quiet lounges in each community, and a large living room/recreation area, kitchen and laundry on the first floor that are shared by the entire building.  The building’s unique shape was derived from the desire to optimize views and solar access to each of the ten communities while focusing student interaction and circulation at the central community hub.


The residence hall also has a focus on resource conservation and sustainability, focusing on educating residents about living sustainably in addition to implementing sustainable technologies and strategies.  The building achieved  LEED Gold Certification.


Best On-Campus Design

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