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Renovation Drawing Colored2
Renovation Drawing Colored

WestMont Farm & Gardens PAR

helena, montana

WestMont’s group home at the Farm and Gardens was built in 1989, and the time has come to renovate the facility to bring it in line with modern accessibility standards. SMA Architects worked with WestMont to develop a preliminary architectural report to seek Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and other funding.  Mechanical, electrical and plumbing will also be upgraded as part of the eventual project, and a new sprinkler system added for increased life safety. Features such as increased privacy screening, safe outdoor space, expansion of key living areas, and an additional bedroom will make the home serve well into the future. Many of WestMont’s developmentally disabled clients have lived at the Farm for over twenty years, and these improvements will help them age at their home for as long as possible.

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