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New Dining Hall - University of Montana

missoula, montana

The final Student Life Master Plan completed in the fall of 2020 identified a New Dining Facility to replace the current Food Zoo as an immediate impact project, and the SMA/NAC team, along with our food service consultant Bakergroup, proceeded to the Programming and Schematic Design phase of the project.  The design concept has been developed through a collaborative effort involving UM Dining, UM Facilities, university administration and the State A&E Division. The dining hall will contain 700-750 dining seats, eight restaurant concepts, and a total of 44,000 square feet. As a new hub on campus for student life, the Dining Hall will be constructed on picturesque Ryman Walk, opening towards the famous UM Oval and Grizzly sculpture. The design is oriented around views to Mount Sentinel and the “M”, with outdoor seating to use during the warmer seasons. Centrally located along UM’s residence hall corridor,  the facility will be an active student life center to recruit and retain students to UM's unique culture. Various types of seating will accommodate different group types, studying, and focus on student comfort and enjoyment.  

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