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Soren Koford, NCARB


My pursuit of architecture began half way through high school and never seemed anything other than a matter of fact. Now that I have escaped school, learned the wonderful wide world of construction, and serendipitously landed with SMA Architects, that pursuit is even more concrete. Of course, over the years I learned that architecture is not something to be obtained and that the pursuit will be ever-lasting. Given that, I cannot picture a more wonderful group of people with whom to pursue and practice.


I come from primarily a residential design-build background, but am exceedingly excited to begin delving into larger and more complex projects. The built environment has such amazing potential to inform, direct, and affect our daily lives… I feel an instinctual desire to be involved in that, in making thoughtful decisions and romantic gestures, little moments and bold statements.


On Helena, architecture, and the natural world that draws so many to Montana – my feelings are encompassed by a Lord Byron quote, one hanging in my childhood home: “Are not the mountains, waves, and skies a part of me and my soul, as I of them?” This place, its environment, and my pursuit within it are ingrained. So it goes.


Outside of architecture, though never apart from it, I delve into the pursuit of guitar perfection, remedial philosophical understandings, intermittent habitation of the wilderness, voracious consumption of literature, building an exceptional family, and the attainment of balance.


One final insight. Were I to, say, escape from an abandoned mine holding the cross of Coronado, only to discover that my entire troop was nowhere to be found, my first thought would necessarily be that everybody else was lost.

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