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 Design. Different. 

Team SMA

We love what we do + have fun doing it!

We design place - we build relationships.

We're a team that fosters family spirit. 

We seek excellence through innovation.

For over four decades, the firm of SMA Architects has provided professional architectural services throughout the intermountain west. Founded by John D. McKittrick and Rick Schlenker, the firm is now lead by Jason M. Davis, Tim Meldrum, Klint Fisher and Charley Franklin who have carried on SMA’s client commitment to providing the best possible project, all while ensuring the process is enjoyable. Their renewed energy, combined with SMA’s incredibly talented staff, has allowed SMA to steadily expand over the past five years, including offices in Helena and Bozeman. SMA truly believes we are in the business of not only designing great buildings, but more importantly, building relationships with our clients. Our resume includes services for commercial, institutional, educational, historic preservation, medical, and department of defense projects, many of which manifest repeat clients. We emphasize an in-depth programming phase for each project identifying our client’s vision and needs as this is the foundation of a successful project. As stewards to the environment, our firm promotes sustainable building design and operation, using cutting edge delivery systems such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) to minimize unknowns and articulate solutions to our clients. We embrace an integrated design process and delivery between the construction disciplines, specialized consultants, and building contractors to achieve the most cost effective and timely solutions. Each client has different program requirements and budgets to guide our performance from project inception through construction administration, and continue long after owner occupancy. We are committed to our client’s satisfaction by providing excellent design, without exceeding the budget.

Building projects are complex and expensive. Ultimately, buildings make a mark on their neighborhood and community that lasts as long - or longer - than the people who build them. SMA has the kind of broad experience that assures the mark you make will be successful both today and tomorrow.

SMA continually stays abreast of the latest advances in design, engineering and technology. We understand what is possible, and how to achieve it. We possess a thorough knowledge of architectural traditions, an ability to accurately analyze each project and offer a unique and cost-effective combination of design and materials that realizes your vision and achieves your goals. With LEED® accredited staff providing a cautious approach to the environment, we design the right building at the right price.

SMA would be privileged to have an opportunity to provide services on your project and develop a productive relationship with your team. Our firm is rich in experience and has a team that is balanced from all aspects of architectural design and construction. We pride our work on client satisfaction and do our best to achieve the vision and goals set forth by the teams we work with. SMA’s process of services is conducted with diligence and experience and with care of the project budget and needs of clients and end-users.

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