Scott Deitle, AIA, NCARB
Associate | Architect 

I spent most of my childhood and early adulthood traveling between Europe, the Middle East, and America, and as a result, I gained an appreciation for the way culture and society are expressed through architecture and design.  History, values, and customs are all expressed through the structures we design, and we need to be conscious of this with every new project.  I bring an appreciation for the ideas and traditions it represents, the history it carries and conveys, and a sensitivity to the environment around it.  My hope is to build and create features of our daily lives that convey the emotion and presence of the cultures they represent, as well as a function for the people who will use them in their own creative endeavors.  As such, every project is unique, and every client needs to be heard.

My passion has always been in design, art, technical drawing, freehand sketching, and overall creative expression.  Taking this creativity into my career has been exhilarating and makes every day thrilling.  My favorite projects have always been driven by the goals and needs of the people they will serve -- elementary schools, college and higher education facilities, commercial offices, fitness, and sports facilities, government projects, and other buildings with a discrete and definite purpose.

I am married to a marvelous woman who is an excellent match for my own tastes and interests: creek/river fishing, floating, skiing, hiking, attempting to mountain bike, traveling Montana, exploring, and mostly being outdoors as much as possible in all seasons.  I enjoy cooking overall and baking my mom’s recipe of incredibly awesome homemade bread.  My wife and I are committed to being members of the Helena community for many years into the future.