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NC Rendering_Street View 11-04-2020
NC Rendering_Bealls Alley 11-04-2020
NC Rendering_Festival St 11-04-2020
NC Rendering_Aerial View 11-04-2020

North Central

bozeman, montana

North Central is a vibrant and diverse gathering place that provides opportunity to engage at a unique axis of creativity, commerce, living, entertainment, leisure, health and wellbeing.


North Central is a product of a thoughtful and intentional master planning effort that is rooted in an ambition to deliver a kind of development that goes above and beyond the market standard in Bozeman. This development is committed to creating a sustainable, adaptable community hub that adds economic vitality and human vibrancy to the neighborhood.  The exact breakdown of the program will depend on the anticipated market conditions present at the time of realization of each development phase. 

Presently, the master plan to consists of about 750,000 square feet of building area and approximately 41% of the site made up of open space. This development currently anticipates 300-400 residential units of all sizes, 250k - 300k square feet of commercial leasable space, and will park 520 - 540 cars.

The North Central development will be a significant part of the north Bozeman neighborhood and it is the goal of this project to become a neighborhood hub that fosters a diverse mix of uses and provides a strong pedestrian and multi-modal transportation network, while also upholding the values and vision for the neighborhood.  

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