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Mark A. Ophus, AIA, NCARB, LEED® A.P.  
Principal | Studio Director

I like digging into the details… not just the “where” and “how,” but most importantly the “why.” This compulsion is innate in everything I do.

As a member of the SMA team, I am thrilled to be surrounded by such an energetic and exuberant group of vivid individuals. Prior to joining forces with these guys, I was fortunate to labor both in and out of the office, cutting my architectural teeth with not only a drafting pencil (or a computer – let’s be real) but also a hammer. In the last few years, I’ve been spending most of my time in the office wearing the many hats that come with being an architect – from forming an initial design vision with a client to the closeout of a construction project – working on a variety of commercial projects, K-12 education, healthcare and mixed-use. 

Like so many of us at SMA, I am also a native of Montana. After nearly half a decade living and working in the Seattle area, I returned to my beloved home-state to continue my career and live under the Big Sky. In the summer, I love exploring - camping and hiking as much as I can. I also have two motorcycles; one on which to ride and the other to tinker (although I seem to mar it more often than I mend it). In the winter, I snowboard; and in the mud season between, I play in the mud - trying my hands at ceramics!

I am thrilled at the opportunities being in Helena gives me - to work and live well, and be close to my dear family and friends.​

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