Madison Gabig, LEED G.A.


Having spent my childhood living in the remodel process of our 100+ year old homes, I could not help but fall in love with the challenges and soul that buildings present us. My parents thought they had tortured me with weekend hardware store trips, but I feel fulfilled today to build on the infrastructure of our community with an incredible team.

If my parents were in the middle of a particularly arduous renovation project, I would spend the day listening to my grandma describe the “good ol’ days” of our family history of mining and homesteading in early Montana.  I learned to have a strong appreciation for the western spirit of hard work, grit, individuality, and freedom. Today, I am grateful to work with a team that embodies these attributes while building in the communities of my ancestors.

My work at SMA has included experience in marketing, preliminary architectural reports (PARs), presentation graphics, design development, and construction document preparation on a wide variety of building typologies and scales. I enjoy the challenges presented by all projects, but my early life has instilled a particular interest in historic buildings and adaptive re-use.

In addition to my work at SMA I enjoy traveling, playing in the MSU Horn Ensemble, backpacking and hiking, xc skiing, and sailing.

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