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Lee Elder, NCARB

Associate | Architect

What I love about architecture is the broadness the profession spans. There’s always something new, whether it be current design trends, materials and construction techniques, or simply a project type I’ve never worked on. I’m excited to be with the SMA team and learn from all the experiences the other team members have and how we can use that to progress the current projects at hand and create something great for the client.


My background comes from working on ranches and construction through my schooling years. This has given me great insight on how projects actually come together and the challenges that are faced in the field. I have had the opportunity to work on projects ranging in size and scope from commercial, hospitality, residential, institutional, and educational and enjoy the opportunities each brings to the design process.


When I’m not at the office or on the jobsite I’m either in my garage tinkering on motorcycle projects or outdoors exploring with my wife and our two dogs. Our summers are filled with camping, dirt-biking, hiking, rafting, or whatever the weekend throws our way. When the temps start to drop I enjoy snowboarding, getting a pick-up hockey game going, or just getting outdoors in anyway.

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