Kristie Staff Photo 2019-07-08.png

Kristie Schleich

Interior Designer

When envisioning my life, it always began with me living somewhere out west. The challenge, the unknown, and the active lifestyle supported this manifesting dream of mine. Only visiting Helena twice during the winter months, I knew I wanted to call this place home.


Being part of this warm and welcoming community has been wonderful, but what has been equally incredible is joining the SMA family. I feel so fortunate to be part of such a dynamic and fun group of people always looking to learn and grow. Since attending college at Ohio University and receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design I have been actively working as a Designer. I have gained experience working under multiple vertical markets, but what I’ve come to appreciate most are the deep and meaningful relationships that have been built along the way.


I have a very strong passion for design with the belief that it shapes our everyday lives, whether we notice or not. It's an experience that should motivate our well-being, inspire thought, and speak to our soul. The research of psychology, anthropology, environment, and ergonomics are a few of the leading forces that drive my passion for creating impactful spaces. I’m a visionary who seeks potential in everything and enjoys assisting those in need.


Design makes up a lot of who I am, but a couple other things that spark my interest and keep me active are: running, biking, water aerobics, rock climbing, reading, snowboarding, and lounging with Charles (my cat).


It’s been an adventure so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!