Katie Mehrens

Administrative Assistant 


I was born and raised here in Helena and honestly didn’t see myself coming back, but I’m really excited to be home and working with such an amazing group of people!

I got my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Montana in Aquatic Wildlife Biology, but realized in my last semester it wasn’t for me. I really enjoyed the law and policy aspect of my education, however, so I went back to school and got some post-Bachelor’s education in Pre-Law and Philosophy. After that I wanted to find a job that would give me the opportunity to do some hands-on legal work in a professional office setting, so I set my sights back on home and found SMA serendipitously! Here I’m hoping to learn how a business operates, the finer aspects to legal work, and even some things about design! All the while being part of a team that builds beautiful things in Montana

In the future I’d really like to go to law school and pursue family or civil law, but my positive experiences here have already made me consider business law as well. Right now though I’m really content staying at SMA and learning tons of new things!

In my free time I  like to keep aquariums, which gives me a fun outlet for my original degree. I currently have two betta fish, 15 tetras, 2 plecos, a freshwater planted tank, and I plan on acquiring an axolotl by spring. I also have a little tuxedo cat named Wednesday who is also very excited about all the fish in the house! I also enjoy singing, writing, reading, playing video games, and talking during movies.

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