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Jordan Cann
Design Professional

I can’t remember a time where building, design, and creativity wasn’t a major part in my life. Growing up just outside Baltimore, Maryland many of my school field trips were to D.C. to visit the Smithsonian Museums to learn about our history and how far we have come as a civilization. What stood out to me the most wasn’t necessarily the artifacts that each museum collected but the museums themselves. Bold, big, and awesome they were. This influence only grew as I grew; I couldn’t get away from Legos, building blocks, drawing, models, etc. I could sit for hours and create whatever I could think of without being distracted, so needless to say, architecture was an easy choice for me when it came time to choose what I wanted to do professionally. I want to be the guy behind all the fun, exciting, different, and experiential buildings. 

While my creative spark started as a wee lad, my passion for architecture grew from something else entirely. Traveling! Whether it be the people, culture, environment, or architecture everything became influential. But again, the architecture always stood out the most. The different use of materials, the use of any materials available, building/landscape compositions, how people interact with architecture, and the necessity for the built environment itself became the concepts of interest fueling my architectural passion. Jumping into the building industry as soon as I could, either working as a construction framer or furniture fabricator, or a draftsman, SMA Architects was at the top of my list as the next step in continuing my career. My team at SMA Architects holds the same love, passion, and dedication for architecture that has been so much a part of my life, which has made me who I am today. I can’t wait to learn and grow with this amazing team at SMA Architects.

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