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Gibson Guitar

bozeman, montana

SMA was proud to lead the design for a new expansion to Gibson Guitar’s acoustic manufacturing facility in Bozeman, Montana, to accommodate Gibson’s  demand as a renowned national guitar manufacturer. The project includes an expansion and renovation for a total of 48,200 square feet of new space for Gibson. The project will host enough new manufacturing space to more than double their guitar production, as well as expand its one-of-a-kind custom shop, and add new employee spaces including a daycare, and a new showroom and reception space to welcome the public to Bozeman facility for the first time. Located between I-90 and South 19th Avenue, the new factory will be highly visible and will bring a level of excitement to an otherwise industrial area of Bozeman. Hosting large scale building art and a striking design the project aims to create a focal point for the iconic brand as well as a clean modern working environment for the craftspeople who create there. 

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