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Gulch Distillers

helena, montana

SMA Interiors had the great opportunity to work with  the new Gulch Distillers owners as they worked to rebrand this local tasting room + distillery. This project included a Schematic Design plan deliverable, a branding and visioning session with development of 3D renderings, and final permit drawings for construction. Analyzing the flow of the space, circulation of customers and staff, SMA was able to quickly identify areas of congestion. Working to even out levels of lighting from a prominent east facing entry and glaring West facing back storefront, our team established a more even and softened lighting scheme. The vision of this space was to create a Speak Easy Interior to tell the story of the Gulch.  Highlights further include a new bar with a community focused island bar encouraging connectivity and sense of place. Two drink rails along the Interior windows facing into the Distillery will allow customers to informally collide with friends and strangers alike.The back half of the tasting room will be dedicated to flexibility. A custom booth will allow customers to find a corner to sneak into and enjoy a more private intimate system. Custom bar height tables will allow for flexibility for both larger gatherings and separate two top and four top tables. The new Gulch Distillers will share a story of Helena’s resiliency and the young professionals bringing new energy to this thriving community. 

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