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2019-09-04 Corvallis Graphic Master Plan Final_edited
2019-09-04 Corvallis Graphic Master Plan Final_Primary
2019-09-04 Corvallis Graphic Master Plan Final_NC
2019-09-04 Corvallis Graphic Master Plan Final_SC

Corvallis School District Facilities Master Plan & Facilities Conditions Reports

corvallis, montana

Following an analysis of all facilities’ conditions and meetings with the Corvallis School District and community, priority District needs were identified.  These needs set the framework for the master planning effort, resulting in a District-wide Master Plan.  The master plan scenarios sought to address the most pressing near-term needs while also developing a plan for mid-term and long-term development of the current campuses and the REC property to address projected enrollment growth as well as district and community needs.  In each scenario, the most efficient use of the site, existing buildings and new construction were considered in order to provide the most effective use of district resources and potential capital campaign funds.  The plan was informed by multiple community input sessions, a Distric-wide survey, student and staff meetings, and the facility's conditions. Ultimately, the scenario deemed most beneficial to the district was selected for final development and presented in the Master Plan Document

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