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East Middle School

Renovation & Addition

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Following a successful bond passage in November 2018, SMA has since been working on the design for the renovations and additions to East Middle School. These upgrades are part of a larger project to make upgrades to all K-8 facilities in Butte's School District. 

During the pre-bond phase, building evaluations, condition reports, and programming and utilization studies informed the overall scope of work. Our evaluations identified a need to make safety and security upgrades to all facilities, and to renovate, upgrade and add an addition to East Middle School. East Middle School opened its doors in 1957 and has not undergone any major, widespread upgrades since. Changes will include adding a new gym and five new Science classroom / lab combinations that are appropriately sized for science laboratory activities. Renovated areas will include the Art rooms, Health rooms, Weightlifting, Locker Rooms, Family & Consumer Science, Shared Spaces, Life Skills, and Restrooms. The building overall will also undergo extensive upgrades including new ceilings, lights, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, asbestos abatement, add a fire suppression system, and make structural and ADA compliant upgrades. Safety and security upgrades will include a renovated reception and entry vestibule which creates one point-of-entry, and adding notification systems, and access control. 

The project is currently in the Design Development and will be completed using phased construction which will begin Phase 1 in Spring 2020, and complete Phase 5 in Fall 2022.