Ben Kennedy, NCARB



I am inspired by great design – Architecture keeps me up at night, but also motivates me to get up every morning.  I value tradition and classic proportions – but also enjoy blending contemporary details and materials within those contexts. I believe architecture is an opportunity to tell a story - some timeless and some new and spirited. After spending the first twelve years of my architectural experience designing custom homes and ranches in southwest Montana, in 2017 I jumped at the opportunity to broaden my architectural experience at SMA. In addition to leading many of the residential projects at SMA, I also collaborate on many of the mixed-use projects in the firm, which keeps me invigorated and stimulated each and every day!


Beyond great design, I am interested in the relationships that develop during the design and construction process. Every project should have a personal touch and the process should be exciting, engaging, and thoughtful.  Architecture and construction are invigorating, multi-faceted disciplines; it brings me great joy to see the lines of our drawings evolve into the built environment.


When I’m not in pursuit of great design, my amazing wife and I spend much of our time striving to keep up with our energetic kids! Being a husband and father is perhaps the most moving and rewarding journey I’ve ever partaken. I also enjoy drawing by hand, cooking a really good meal, and having a home project going at any given time. I’ve been known to play a song on my guitar or mandolin every now and then, and I like to study maps and dream of my next adventure in the wilderness.