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Amy Pothast
Interior Designer

About my 3rd year of architecture school, I started asking questions like "what about the interiors?", and  "what about colors?" My brain always went to questions about how someone might feel inside a building and how I had the power to positively impact that emotion.


Since graduating with my BA from Montana State University, it was clear my architectural career pointed to interiors. I have worked primarily in high-end residential, so becoming a part of the SMA team has brought an array of new perspectives for me. I look forward to the development of new spaces in healthcare, education, residential, historical preservation and the all-encompassing work of SMA!

Easily said, the interior of a space is where I feel the most connected to a building. How materials touch and how colors speak to one another – the way you can feel grounded or even lifted. It is all an experience! Creating the “ooo and ahhh” moments is what I live for.


When not making a mess of fabric samples in the office, I am outside exploring with my pup Maggie Mae. We love skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, camping and adventuring to off the grid places. You can also find us road-tripping back to Denver to visit family or sipping beers at a local brewery.

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